Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Civil War was fun, let's have another.

From Jay Bookman:

Larry Peterson of the Savannah Morning News has advanced the story [of Georgia's pro-secession minority] by polling the six GOP candidates for governor. According to Peterson, four of the six support the resolution, one opposes it and the sixth refused to take a position on whether nullification and secession were are good ideas.

These are people running for the highest office in the state, including the three frontrunners for the GOP nomination. The winner of that nomination would in turn be favored to be our next governor.

More accurately, if events take a turn, I guess that person could become the first president of Georgia.

Every time I think the Republican Party can no longer surprise me, they do. They're the Party of War, the Party of Torture, and now, the Party of Secession. No doubt they wondered why they should continue to support war and torture overseas when they could simply re-open Andersonville.

Also via Bookman, I see that John Oxendine is so committed to secession that he has decorated his son's room in "Confederate Gray"; the traditional blue was, I gather, too Union.