Thursday, September 27, 2007

In Florida, anyone can force you to cast a provisional ballot.

From Political Wire, I see that Republicans remain their usual, shameless selves.

On voter ID:

Over the past three years, the Republican-controlled state legislatures in Indiana, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have passed laws requiring every voter to produce a photo identification card -- measures that civil rights groups contend were aimed at suppressing minority voting.

On caging:

In the past, Ohio voters were entitled to an official notice and a hearing before an election board could declare them ineligible, but the new law says the board can make that decision without notice. A disqualified voter who shows up at the polls must demonstrate that he's fixed any eligibility problem or opt for filing a provisional ballot that may not count.

On challenges:

A 2005 Florida law, approved by the Justice Department under the Voting Rights Act, stripped the state's 10.5 million registered voters of the right to contest challenges at the polls. Now a challenger need only swear to a "good faith belief" that a voter is ineligible to force the voter to file a provisional ballot.

Imagine - you could show up at the polls, and a perfect stranger could, on the basis of no more than a "good faith belief," force you to cast a provisional ballot.