Thursday, August 30, 2007

Republicans tolerate prostitution but hate gays.

So says every Republican who tolerates David Vitter's whoremongering but calls for Larry Craig to resign. There can be no other message.

This is not about sin, as Larry Craig no less betrayed his wife than David Vitter betrayed his, nor is it about crime, as Larry Craig's tryst is no less a crime than David Vitter's whoremongering. This is about sexuality. David Vitter had sex with a woman, so no matter how evil he is otherwise, he may remain a Senator. But Larry Craig had sex with a man, so he must resign.

To me, that idea is easily more vile than anything Craig or Vitter has done, and the Republicans who spead it - like Norm Coleman, John McCain, Peter Hoekstra, Mark Souder, Jeff Miller, Ginny Brown-Waite, Bobby Jindal, and Ron Lewis - should be held accountable for it.

Not that I expect they will. Even the few supporters who might be disgusted by their tolerance of prostitution and hatred of gays are no doubt even more terrified that they might have to pay the estate tax. Heaven forfend!