Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why Mike Jacobs makes a good Republican.

From Blue Heart of Dixie, I see that Mike Jacobs is fitting in well with the Republican Party.

Jason's recollection of Mike Jacobs' speech to the Young Republicans:

Mike then went on a love fest about tax reform. He believes property taxes are completely unfair and should be abolished. He wants to replace that with a sales tax that will tax just about everything we do in the course of a day. Says it would be revenue neutral. Wonder how neutral it will be when we have an economic downturn and people don't buy stuff? Ask TN how a sales-tax only has worked. They pay about 10% in sales tax there, and that's just the STATE tax. Local taxes can make it go up to 12%.

He also mentioned immigration and how illegals shouldn't consume government services, period. I would agree with that statement, but then he went on to talk about how we need to build a wall at our border. Like a wall worked so well in Berlin. And it's interesting how we only need a wall at Mexico, but not at Canada. Some guy piped up that we didn't need a wall, just more rifles at the border. I'm not for illegal immigration, but the notion of "hunting" Mexicans driven by desperation to try to enter the US illegally is chilling to me.

Mike also made a comment about Middle East security and Israel, and how quite frankly, the Democratic approach is dead wrong. All but called us anti-Israel. I personally took offense to that, along with the stated notion that to be pro-military is to be GOP. I daresay that Democrats care more about the troops and their wellbeing than any GOPer who looks at them as mere pawns in a hunt for terrorists. Not to mention the GOP which votes to cut the benefits and care for our soldiers.

Why Mike Makes A Good Republican, Number 1: Like every good Republican, Mike Jacobs is big on the war - not big enough to get his young and healthy self to Iraq to fight in it, but still, big enough to want to continue it indefinitely, presumably without Congressional oversight.

Why Mike Makes A Good Republican, Number 2: Like every good Republican, Mike Jacobs is big on the wall - you know, the wall that would cost billions, seal about a third of the border, and do nothing but embarrass the nation. But wait, there's more - he also wants to deny undocumented immigrants access to government services. At first, I was shocked by this - he'd want to deny access to public schools to children brought to the United States illegally by their parents? But then I remembered that Jacobs voted to boot even American children off PeachCare. If he'd deny healthcare to American children, he'd deny education to foreign children - easy!

Why Mike Makes A Good Republican, Number 3: Like every good Republican, Mike Jacobs is big on the shift and shaft. Yes, Mike believes that the mansions of the wealthy are taxed too heavily, and that we should subsidize lower taxes those mansions with higher taxes on our meals and medicines.

There you have it: the Republican trifecta. Love the war, hate the immigrant, hike the poor tax.

That said, I feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't note this. Says Jason:

I did raise my hand for a question, and Mike actually called on me. I asked him if was still pro-choice and pro-gay rights. I could tell the question angered him, because I pointing out an area that his new Republican friends would not likely appreciate....his socially liberal views. He tried to "politician" me by saying he's always said he supported individual rights, to which I replied, "But that doesn't answer..." and then he erupted. "YES! Alright? YES! The answer is YES." He lost his cool, and I had pointed out a difference that many of the GOP faithful would NOT approve of. My work was done.

That was when I was completely outed. I was asked to introduce myself and who I represented. I told them. "My name is Jason Cecil, and I am the President of the Young Democrats of Georgia." A murmur went through the room, and someone said, "That figures!" We somehow got onto a discussion of gay rights, and I was told there were many people in the room who were pro-gay rights, and I said, "Well, you should speak to Sadie Fields about that then." Snarky? Yes. But here was a group of Republicans seriously trying to tell me that pro-gay rights stands fit within the GOP philosophy when every bit of evidence suggests otherwise.

Why Mike Makes A Good "Moderate" Republican, Bonus: Like every good "Moderate" Republican, he might say he supports equality, but when asked to choose between equal rights for his neighbors and a tax cut for himself, he chooses the latter every time. Such is the nature of the "Moderate" Republican commitment to equality.