Sunday, July 08, 2007

A tax on every bite.

Glenn Richardson is a font of bad ideas, and from Tondee's Tavern, I learn of yet another:

Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson says eliminating property taxes will be his top legislative priority next year.

In Savannah on Friday to appear with Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, Richardson portrayed the idea as the leading edge of a new tax revolt.

"I believe we can put Georgia on the map," Richardson said. "It will be the biggest decision Georgia ever made, and the nation will follow. There is a rising call all over the country from people tired of property taxes."

To make up lost revenue, the Hiram Republican would increase the reach of the sales tax to include groceries and services - now exempt.

It's not a tax revolt, it's tax tyranny: the wealthiest Georgians, through the representatives they own, want to shift tax burden from their mansions to our meals.

It's another shift and shaft, and it's the only sort of tax "reform" that Republicans understand - the kind that lowers their taxes, and taxes on their contributors.