Friday, July 27, 2007

Sam Nunn can stay where he is.

Cracker Squire asks Where is Sam Nunn now that we really need him? This is not a question I ask myself. But apparently, I am in the minority, as Nunn nostalgia is everywhere. First, Cracker Squire:

Today Matt Towery reports in InsiderAdvantage Georgia that Nunn has been approached by several individuals about his interest as a candidate in a third-party effort in 'o8 as an independent.

Mr. Towery also writes:

"Of equal or greater importance is the additional report, confirmed by sources, that Nunn has been approached 'by one of the frontunners in the Democratic race for president' for 'preliminary discussions' concerning a potential vice presidential role in the event of the candidate's eventual nomination."

Next, Blog for Democracy notes that Unity '08, the party of the pundit, the word of Gasbag made flesh and come to save us from the sins of partisanship, has romanced him as well, to which they say

In a year when there's no shortage of great Democratic candidates for President, why not court Sam for Veep?

Why not indeed?

Well, maybe because he's a fucking homophobe, and not just any fucking homophobe, but the fucking homophobe who used his position as Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee to ensure that his bigotry remained military policy, in the face of Clinton's effort to end discrimination against gays in the military.

Maybe that?

Leave him for the airheads, the gasbags, and history.


As an aside, does it strike anyone as odd, at a time when America has shown itself quite willing to elect a woman or a person of color to the presidency, that Unity 08 would seek no one but white men to bear their standard? What sort of "unity" does this party stand for?