Friday, July 06, 2007

Glenn Richardson anticipates frivolous lawsuits against his critics.

From Cracker Squire, House Speaker Glenn Richardson:

Ask newspaper editors and they’ll tell you that blogging is the future. Ask Glenn Richardson, and he’ll tell you that if it’s the future, it’s got a short shelf life. The Speaker of the Georgia House thinks the mad rush by politicians in both parties to embrace bloggers is about over. And it sounds like he’s just about written them off.

“Those dadgum blog sites. You know what I predict is going to happen? I predict somebody’s going to sue one of those site domains for slander, and somebody’s going to get hit with a big suit because there’s no accountability, and they say and do things about people that are blatantly false.

“If y’all did, you’d get sued in a New York minute ... Somebody’s going to sue ‘em and hit ‘em with enough money ... and somebody is going to say, ‘We’d better be careful with this.’

From a leader of a party that has traded on slanderous invective against blacks, women, gays and immigrants to improve its electoral fortunes over the past four decades.

Let's contrast his willingness to misuse the law to punish speech he opposes with the view of another Republican - Lynn "Three Commandments" Westmoreland - on hate crimes laws, laws that he believes - wrongly, of course - might infringe on the right of bigoted speakers to spread hatred of gays:

I received many calls and letters from constituents in Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District asking me to oppose the hate crime bill. Many of those constituents are ministers and church-goers concerned about the chilling effect that a federal law such as this would have on teaching their moral beliefs. I agree with their concerns. Churches should be free to teach that some lifestyles are wrong according to their belief system without fear of criminal prosecution.

Republicans - they don't give a damn about freedom of speech. They do, however, give a damn about protecting speech that slanders gay people - even when it's not under assault - and punishing speech that criticizes them.

As of yet, I haven't found a catchy nickname for Speaker Glenn. But Speaker McLibel has a ring to it, don't you think?