Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Curiouser and curiouser.

The Georgia Supreme Court will hear Thurbert Baker's appeal in the Genarlow Wilson case next week, rather than this October.

Emanuel Jones wants to know how evidence in the case - the sex tape - came to be viewed by members of the state legislature and the press:

A letter that Jones delivered to Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker asks the state's top legal officer to issue an opinion on Douglas County District Attorney David McDade "distributing the videotape depicting sexual acts with a minor in the Genarlow Wilson case." The tape also shows Wilson having sex with another teenager. He was acquitted of rape charges in that incident.

"Although the tape was in evidence at trial, continued distribution of the tape should not be protected by the Open Records Act nor under the guise it was evidence at trial," the letter reads. "Georgia law has specific statutes which do not allow distribution of this type of material and I am also concerned that no efforts to cover the identity of either young woman involved was made by his office to the tape despite the women being minors."