Monday, June 18, 2007

What color is the sky in Karen Handel's world?

The Georgia Supreme Court recently punted on voter ID:

The state's high court ordered a Fulton County judge to dismiss a September case that found the photo ID requirement violates the Georgia Constitution.

. . . The state Supreme Court's decision did not rule on the merits of the photo voter ID law, instead saying the plaintiff had no standing to sue.

By law, plaintiffs must show a particular statute is harmful to them in order to question its lawfulness. The court ruled the plaintiff in the case, Rosalind L. Lake of Atlanta, could have voted without ID when she filed the lawsuit and, as a result, could not challenge the law's constitutionality.

Note, the decision did not rule on the merits of the voter ID law. So how does Karen Handel, one of Creative Loafing's pet Republicans, respond?

Secretary of State Karen Handel, a Republican elected in November, said the ruling "vindicates" the state's position on what she termed a "common sense" requirement.

As usual, Karen Handel prefers her own reality. You know, the same one where she's never heard of this "gay" phenomena.