Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Now, Mike Jacobs doesn't even have to pretend to care.

Now he can vote to deny health care to children, and his partisans will applaud him for his "fiscal responsibility." Because as we all know, "fiscal responsibility" means telling children that they can't go to a doctor, but can go fish.

As Bernita notes, "that's not even creative bullshit."

Not that I expected him to say, "I'm hungry for power, and I'll have more as a Republican," but I expected . . . a reason at least adjacent to reality - not this gem:

A commitment to individual liberty. Our government has no legitimate role in citizens’ personal lives.

He probably forgot, "Except with respect to sex. Or parenting. Or medical decisions. Or . . . anything else that the fundamentalists tell us, because then? Totally legitimate."