Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lynn Westmoreland isn't worth a damn, and the AJC isn't worth much more.

I don't have high standards for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but their effort to excuse Lynn Westmoreland for his vote on the "Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Act" falls below even my lowered expectations.

"Lewis, Westmoreland differ over rights-era death probes," the AJC writes, as if this were a trivial issue. They then proceed to spend half the article attributing Westmoreland's vote against as opposition to "legislation with populist appeal but hefty price tags."

I hope the writer threw his back out shoveling that.

The legislation in question would cost $57 million over five years, a drop in the federal bucket, and a small price to bring criminals of the civil rights era to justice.

In contrast, the 700 mile wall that Westmoreland would like to build on the Mexican border would cost more than $2 billion, and do absolutely nothing - except satisfy the "populist" demands of Westmoreland's nativist allies.

Lynn Westmoreland doesn't give a damn about the price for justice. He'd simply rather spend that money on 20 miles of useless fence.