Thursday, June 28, 2007

David Scott sinks below even my lowered expectations.

It's pretty bad when a Congressman can't muster Sanford Bishop's level of decency toward gay people, but today, David Scott couldn't. Scott voted to deny the city of Washington, D. C., the authority to spend federal money to support its domestic partnership registry. Bishop voted to allow it.

It's already shameful how Congress treats Washington, D. C., like a federal fiefdom. It's rarely worse than when Congress uses its power to deny the people of Washington, D. C., equality under the law, if only in their own city.

I'll note, again, that David Scott represents a Democratic district - one far more Democratic than Bishop's, and one that would tolerate and perhaps embrace support for Washington's right to self-determination generally and it's right to recognize same-sex partnerships specifically. So why can't he show the same tolerance and support?

Probably for the same reason that he couldn't vote to end the war in Iraq, couldn't even vote for timetables: he's comfortable with his own mediocrity.

Otherwise, John Barrow and Jim Marshall voted with Scott - no surprise - while Hank Johnson and John Lewis - again, no surprise - voted with Bishop. Kudos to the Georgia Congressmen who refused to be cowed by the Bush Administration's threats and hatred. Shame on those who caved.