Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A vote for Whitehead is a vote for scandal.

One last post on Jim Whitehead.

Normally, a whacked worldview is relatively harmless. Jim Whitehead could recklessly equate the brown folk of the 10th district with terrorists, and while it would not be innocuous, it would have minimal effect outside his social circle. But as a member of Congress, such delusions are hazardous to all of us. And one need only look at the recent turn of the Gonzales scandal to see it.

Of course, I should clarify: I mean the revelation that the attorneys axed by Gonzales were fired in part for their refusal to prosecute meritless accusations of voter fraud - exactly the sort of claims trafficked by Jim Whitehead. Yes, much like our wannabe Congresscritter Jim Whitehead, current Congresscritters Heather Wilson and Pete Domenici of New Mexico complained about the soon-to-be canned David Iglesias for his failure to prosecute fantasy voter fraud. Republican partisans in Washington state similarly smeared John McKay. This stupidity, combined with a Justice Department inclined to share it, brought about this scandal.

If the 10th District sends Jim Whitehead to Congress, we can expect more of the same.