Friday, May 11, 2007

Once again, David Scott proves himself undeserving of his seat.

Yesterday, the House voted to give the Republican war in Iraq at least three more months. Given that the alternative would have been to allow the war to continue indefinitely, this is good. Every Georgia Republican voted against it, because they would prefer to continue their war.

Georgia Democrats were divided, but not in the way one might expect: all but one voted for it. The one opposed? John Lewis, because he would prefer to end the war now. Again, this is good.

But that wasn't the only vote on the war yesterday. There was a second, on a bill that would end our involvement in Iraq in the next nine months.

Again, every Georgia Republican voted against it. And again, the Democrats were divided, this time along more predictable lines: John Lewis and Hank Johnson voted for it, while Jim Marshall, John Barrow, Sanford Bishop, and David Scott voted against it.

Now, I doubt that the Iraq war is so popular in south Georgia that Jim Marshall, John Barrow, and Sanford Bishop would lose their seats in 2008 if they voted against it, but I don't live in south Georgia, so I'll cut them slack.

However, I do live close enough to David Scott's district to call bullshit on his vote. This is a liberal district, a district opposed to the war, and yet their representative continues to vote as if he lives in Macon, rather than the liberal suburbs of Atlanta.

I keep hoping that David Scott will move up and out, that he'll run for statewide office, where his conservative votes could at least be justified by his constituency, but with every election it seems more and more like he is content to keep this seat for as long as his constituents will tolerate him.

Hopefully, that will not be much longer.