Friday, May 18, 2007

More evidence that Voter ID is partisan

It is a ploy by Republicans to increase the power of their white suburban base at the expense of everyone else:

Hood and Bullock examined the demographics and voting habits of roughly 300,000 voters who were determined by state government to be registered - but were not on its data base of motorists.

While they warned that their findings weren’t conclusive, the two noted that:

  • Suburban counties, which historically vote Republican, “did see significantly lower rates” of registered voters without ID than rural and urban counties.
  • Non-white voters were less likely than white voters to possess a driver’s license. For instance, a black voter was nearly twice as likely to lack a license as a white voter. “Women and older Georgians were also significantly more likely to be without a license or identification card,” the paper said.
  • Voters without driver’s licenses are significantly more likely to vote in Democratic, as opposed to Republican, primaries.
  • Voters who lack a driver’s license as ID are less likely to vote, particularly in general elections. “Given that registrants without a driver’s license are already less likely to vote, requiring certain forms of photo identification to vote would most likely diminish turnout among this group even further,” Hood and Bullock write.