Friday, May 11, 2007

Maybe he's Amazed

Or maybe he's in the middle of something that he doesn't really understand.

Yes, Saxby is amazed at the progress in Iraq: "Every time I go over there the improvements in the conditions are truly amazing . . . . It's very encouraging to me to see the progress." Now, I don't know how Saxby measures "progress," let alone how he measures "amazement" or "true amazement," but I do know this: he does not measure it by a decreasing number of American deaths in Iraq. Because by that metric, there's been no progress:

Chambliss said in January that he expected to see quick results from President Bush's decision to send an additional 21,500 soldiers into the war. As the new troops began hitting the ground, April saw an increase in American deaths, with 104 soldiers killed, the highest number since December. At the same time, a recent series of suicide bombings has killed hundreds of civilians, and there are signs that the nation's fledgling government may be fracturing.

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