Friday, May 11, 2007

Eric Johnson defends corrupt gun dealers.

From Political Insider:

Senate President pro tem Eric Johnson (R-Savannah) just put out a statement saying he likes a new Virginia law, which goes into effect this summer, that bans agents of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg from targeting gun buyers with undercover sting operations. . . .

In December, the AJC reported on New York City’s announcement that it was suing 11 gun dealers in five states for illegal sales of firearms. Three of shops were in Georgia — one in Marietta, one in Toccoa, and another in Norcross.

Now, if you were a state legislator, and you discovered that gun dealers in your state permitted "straw purchases" of guns, what would you do? Would you crack down on the gun dealers - or would you criticize those who brought it to your attention? Me, I'd crack down on straw purchases. But Eric Johnson would rather defend the corrupt gun dealers.

In the midst of that stupidity, there is more: "Anybody want to bet whether Georgia contributes to more crime in New York or whether New York exports more crime to Georgia?" The presumption being, of course, that New York is a violent cesspool compared to the peaceful hamlet of Georgia. Unfortunately, this is not so: in 2005, New York's violent crime rate was 446 per 100,000 New Yorkers, while Georgia's violent crime rate was 449 per 100,000 Georgians.