Friday, May 25, 2007

David Scott gives Bush a blank check.

As expected, David Scott cast his vote for Bush's war - again. Along with Sanford Bishop, John Barrow, and Jim Marshall, he voted against holding Bush accountable:

President Bush faced reporters for his first full-scale, solo news conference in three months savoring what may be a last victory in his battle with Congress over the course of the war in Iraq.

Hours later, the House and Senate would deliver to the White House $100 billion in war funding, shorn of the timelines intended to end the U.S. mission by early next year.

By refusing to budge on demanding a no-strings-attached bill, Bush forced congressional Democrats to back off, at least temporarily, from their efforts to end the war by including conditions on a war funding bill. It was a sign that while Bush's popularity may be scraping historic lows, he still has some stick in Washington.

If George Bush sat down to lunch in David Scott's district, the wait staff would not serve him. But David Scott? He would.