Monday, May 21, 2007

Corporations prefer slaves

Robert Hoffman, a Vice-President at Oracle and co-chair of Compete America, a corporate front:

"Under the current system," Mr. Hoffman said, "you need an employer to sponsor you for a green card. Under the point system, you would not need an employer as a sponsor. An individual would get points for special skills, but those skills may not match the demand. You can't hire a chemical engineer to do the work of a software engineer."

From Kevin at Washington Monthly. Says Kevin:

If nothing else, you have to admire the chutzpah Hoffman demonstrates here. The H1-B visa regime is not quite the system of indentured servitude that it used to be, in which workers were essentially prohibited for years from leaving the company that sponsored them, but it still has some elements of that. And needless to say, the sponsoring companies think that's just fine. The idea that someone can simply get a green card and then freely work for the highest bidder is not really what high-tech CFOs have in mind when they dream of filling up job slots with foreign workers.

Every time you hear a corporation bemoaning the dearth of skilled labor, know that they mean "easily exploited" skilled labor.

Also noted by Ezra at Tapped.