Saturday, May 05, 2007

Clearly, not too busy registering illegal alien terrorists to blog.

Blog for Democracy notes the firestorm of criticism that has followed Jim Whitehead's effort to combine every Republican meme into a Frankenstein's monster of Republican rhetoric: "left-wing political activists [are]intentionally registering illegal aliens to vote, including known Al Qaeda terrorists."

Through them, I found the Democratic Party of Georgia's press release, posted at Tondee's Tavern; there, Jane Kidd focuses on Whitehead's less colorful, but no less outrageous, statement:

Equally disturbing is Mr. Whitehead's assertion that, "Iraq has not been a big thing in our district." (3) The state of Georgia has lost 96 soldiers in Iraq, with an additional 724 wounded.(4) Georgia has 4,161 active duty service members in Iraq, and an additional 1,958 reservists.(5) The 10th Congressional District encompasses part of part of the Augusta-Richmond County metropolitan area, which is also home to Fort Gordon and the U.S. Army's Signal Center.

"I believe that Mr. Whitehead is simply out of touch with the 10th District", said Kidd. "Georgia is home to thousands of active-duty and reserve soldiers, and thousands more veterans. These soldiers and veterans and their friends and family are deeply concerned about the situation in Iraq. To say that the war in Iraq is, 'not a big thing,' is disrespectful to anyone who has worn a uniform."

To Jim Whitehead, 96 dead soldiers, 724 wounded soldiers, and more than 6,000 soldiers in harm's way, are not "a big thing."

But the hysterical delusion that "left-wing political activists [are]intentionally registering illegal aliens to vote, including known Al Qaeda terrorists" is "a big thing."

I would dearly love to believe that this lunacy would deny Jim Whitehead a seat in Congress, but given that this is the Republican Party, home to such intellectual luminaries as Lynn "Three Commandments" Westmoreland, not to mention a Republican delegation that voted against reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act and generally traded on fear of the brown horde exercising its right to vote, I don't have a whole lot of hope.