Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Call your Congressman - especially if your Congressman is David Scott.

Tell him to vote against giving George Bush another blank check to continue his war.

From DailyKos:

Right now, we still have an opportunity to spur Democrats to tear up the blank check the conference committee wants to give Mister Bush. Many of them are already on our side. They, including Speaker Pelosi, have said they will vote against this legislation because of a lack of timetables and toothless benchmarks and lame reporting requirements.

Many Republicans oppose the bill for other reasons. Some of them don't like the benchmarks even though they apparently won't be binding. Or they don't like the minimum wage raise attached to the bill. Whatever. A strange-bedfellows alliance could keep this legislation off the President's desk. Whatever happens afterward, its defeat would be a good thing.

If you're lucky enough to be represented by elected Dems who voted for Feingold-Reid or McGovern, call them and praise them. And urge them to vote "nay" on this terrible legislation. If you're not so lucky, call up one of the 29 Senate Democrats or 169 House Democrats who did vote for those pieces of legislation and add your voice to those of us who will be doing what we can to send this bill to the trash bin. Channel your fury.

CongressmanIn the DistrictIn Washington
John Lewis(404)659-0116(202)225-3801
Hank Johnson(770)987-2291
David Scott(770)210-5073
John Barrow(706)722-4494
Sanford Bishop(229)439-8067
Jim Marshall(478)464-0255

Why do I single out David Scott? Because like John Lewis and Hank Johnson, David Scott is a metro Democrat; but unlike John Lewis and Hank Johnson, David Scott voted against the McGovern bill.

I am tired of Congressmen like David Scott. They represent liberal districts, yet they vote like conservatives. When the issue is, say, the estate tax, their votes are frustrating. But when the issue is the war, their votes are aborrhent.

It's time for him to change or leave. I'd prefer the former to the latter, but right now, I'd take either.