Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Casey comes to Jesus, Sonny still hellbound.

From Political Insider, after wobbling, has come to Jesus:

“We sat down and talked last week about a strategy,” Cagle said. “The NAACP is very adamant about a resolution regarding slavery. The reality is we pass a lot of resolutions that pass on sympathy and regret, and I think it makes sense. If this is something that’s important to them and their constituency group, then I think it’s the right thing for us to do.”

Unfortunate that Casey Cagle doesn't believe that this will be good for all of Georgia, rather than a "constituency group," but a half a loaf is better than none.

Elsewhere, Sonny remains wobbly:

Perdue, by contrast, said at an early morning news conference that he wasn't sure the Legislature should get involved in the issue of an apology for slavery. "Repentance comes from the heart," the governor said. "I'm not sure about public apologies on behalf of other people."

Sonny, it's not about "other people," it's about the state of Georgia, and as the governor of our state, your heart should tell you that the state of Georgia owes an apology to the victims of slavery.

In the same story, Senate Minority Leader Robert Brown defends Jeff Mullis, the sponsor of the "Confederate History Month" bill, against charges of racism:

Senate Minority Leader Robert Brown (D-Macon) told lawmakers Monday that he was troubled to hear that many people have questioned Mullis's intentions and character because of the Confederate History and Heritage Month proposal. Brown, who is African-American, said that Mullis, who is white, worked with him to try to get funding for an African-American museum in Macon. He said it was unfair for people to question Mullis's commitment to diversity.

"I think we do ourselves a disservice when we impugn the character of an individual if we disagree with what he's proposing," Brown said. "We may or may not disagree on the specifics of your proposal, but as a colleague, I am standing here to say to you let us work together, let us reach out to you. Let us work together and not against each other."