Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More than 2 million votes, 8 complaints of fraud.

And for this, Republicans want to introduce regulations that may disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Georgia voters. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

However, "fanciful" would more accurately describe any claim that voter ID is needed to fend off widespread voter fraud. In this month's general election, more than 2 million votes were cast in the governor's race; overall, there were eight complaints alleging voter fraud, all related to absentee ballots, according to the Secretary of State's office. They are under investigation by the department's Elections Division.

Notably, Republican voter id regulations made it easier to vote absentee, as it's the voting method preferred by their partisans - and by those who perpetuate voter fraud.

But I'm sure the other site can justify these unnecessary, partisan regulations with evidence of their own:

Over a 20-year period, 5,412 dead people voted in Georgia. That is unacceptable.

Again - and for this, Republicans want to introduce onerous regulations that may disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Georgia voters every year?

The cost clearly outweighs the benefit - that is, if the benefit is meaningful participation in the democratic process.

But that isn't the benefit of this regulation. No, the benefit of this regulation is the disproportionate disenfranchisement of Democratic partisans. Although it will clearly disenfranchise some Republican partisans as well, the Republican Party has cynically calculated that it will do more damage to their opponents than it will to their supporters.

Honestly, what kind of party would abrogate the rights of their own voters for partisan gain? Apparently, the Republican Party of Georgia.