Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mac Collins, Max Burns: Officially losers.

But oh, so sore. First, Burns:

Tim Baker, Burns' campaign manager, said his boss planned to make up his mind Thursday on whether to prolong his rematch with Barrow. Burns served one term in the House before Barrow defeated him in 2004.

"We're ready to move this in one direction or the other, move it along or hang up the hat," Baker said Wednesday evening. . . .

Next, Collins:

In the 8th District race, Collins still refused to concede, even though Marshall's margin of victory is slightly above the 1 percent threshold that would have entitled Collins to a recount.

In an unusual statement issued to Macon television station WMGT, an NBC affiliate, Collins spokesman Bill Hagan said a recount remains a "legal possibility" but that Collins had decided not to request it despite "clear concerns" of voting irregularities in certain counties.

The statement said Collins would reserve the right to challenge the outcome should evidence of widespread voter fraud be uncovered.

Let me guess - it's the illegals who put Marshall over the top, right, Mac? Unfortunately, that phantom fraud will remain such. Mac's campaign hasn't offered anything more than innuendo.