Friday, November 10, 2006

Jesus agrees with me - deport the fuckers.

Politicians love to flog undocumented immigrants, but the rest of Georgia is . . . less enthusiastic about their draconian immigration policies:

In Georgia, which is implementing some of the nation's strictest immigration measures, slightly more than half of the state's voters in this week's elections favored giving working illegal immigrants a chance to apply for legal status instead of deporting them, according to an Associated Press analysis of exit poll data.

The 53 percent of voters in Georgia who preferred legal status over deportation for illegal workers was slightly lower than the nationwide majority - 57 percent - who said they wanted a way for illegal immigrants to stay, according to an AP poll of more than 13,000 voters across the country.

Forty-three percent of voters surveyed in the state favored deportation, with the highest proportions among those ages 65 to 74, those who rated Georgia's economy as "excellent," and self-described conservatives and evangelical or born-again Christians.

Jesus would totally approve of deporting undocumented immigrants. He forgot to mention it in the Sermon on the Mount, is all.


The highest shares of Georgia voters who supported offering illegal immigrants a chance to apply for legal status were among voters ages 18 to 29, blacks, self-described liberals and moderates, and those with an annual family income of $75,000 to $149,999. An equal portion of voters - about six out of 10 - who rated the state's economy as "good" and those who rated it "not so good" also favored legalization.