Friday, October 27, 2006

Cagle: At least I'm not a liberal, liberal!

Sure, Casey Cagle may take money from and do the bidding of predatory lenders, but at least he's not a liberal:

VOICEOVER: Jim Martin is falsely attacking Casey Cagle to hide his liberal record. Martin voted for higher taxes on working families, small business, and senior citizens. Martin even voted for a 25% sales tax increase on everyone and everything, including the food on your table.

CAGLE: Jim Martin's not a bad man, but his false attacks and liberal policies are bad for Georgia. For the past 12 years in the Senate, I have always fought for Georgia families, and I always will.

If you can't see where Cagle defends his support for predatory lenders, because it's not there. Perhaps because "fought for Georgia families" sounds better than "fought to force Georgia families to pay usurious interest on small loans."