Friday, September 01, 2006

Jimmy Carter, the Dr. Phil of Politics

Someday, I want to be like Jimmy Carter, making peace on the way to the bathroom at the Longhorn Steakhouse:

Former President Jimmy Carter mediated a Middle East peace accord. Now he's stepped in to help broker a truce between two titans of Georgia's Democratic Party.

With an assist from Carter, a lawsuit that has kept the camps of Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor and Secretary of State Cathy Cox at odds has been settled.

Taylor and Cox were rivals for the Democratic nomination for governor. The campaign became rough, and a Taylor supporter sued a Cox's press aide, Peter Jackson, for libel.

Taylor defeated Cox in July in Georgia's Democratic gubernatorial campaign and the two pledged to work together to unite the party to defeat Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue. But the lawsuit filed by Benjamin Cawthon remained a bitter point of contention. Cox has yet to appear with Taylor, feeding the belief that the relationship between the two remained frosty.

Carter intervened after running into Cox at a celebration for Georgia's newly crowned Little League champions from Columbus.

Jackson has issued an apology and the matter has been resolved, said Rick Dent, a spokesman for Taylor.