Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The first duty of the Secretary of State is to defend against the Gay Agenda.

Jesus Christ, Georgia:

In what has become one of the testier down-ticket races in Georgia, the Republican candidates for secretary of state jockeyed with each other Monday about who is the true conservative.

Fulton County Commission Chair Karen Handel proclaimed herself a lifelong Republican who didn't become a conservative because it was "politically expedient." Former state Senate Majority Leader Bill Stephens fired back by saying Handel was endorsed by a "counterculture" publication and questioning her stance on gay rights.

Bill, Karen: you're running for Secretary of State. You know, Secretary of State? Elections? Licensing? Archives? None of which have anything to do with the pink menace.

Then there's this:

While the candidates focused on who leaned further right, they differed little throughout the Atlanta Press Club debate about the duties of the office, which hands out business licenses and oversees elections.

Stephens blasted Handel for earning an endorsement from Creative Loafing, an alternative Atlanta weekly. And he claimed she filled out a questionnaire in 2002 for gay rights group Georgia Equality in which she purportedly supported domestic partner benefits. "At least you know where I stand on these important issues," he said. Handel shot back, "I don't know where my opponent got this questionnaire. It certainly doesn't represent my views."

Shorter Karen Handel: "What's a gay?"