Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Big Heart, Firm Hand"

"Big Heart, Firm Hand"

Yeah, and I'm only writing this because I love you, Sonny:

The new Republican ad focuses solely on Perdue, casting him as both tough on illegal immigrants but welcoming to immigrants here legally.

"Big Heart. Firm Hand. That's Sonny," the ad said.

And yet:

Asked how Perdue had "extended a hand" to legal immigrants, as the TV ad claims, Perdue's campaign pointed to remarks he had made. They also said he had set up a Latino Commission for a New Georgia. But six of the 17 commissioners on that board resigned in April, complaining that Perdue had failed to consult them before signing off on the immigration bill.

Not even Sonny's fan club believes his bullshit. Why should the rest of Georgia?

As usual, the Republican Party uses clever rhetoric to disguise cruel reality. They do nothing but harm the weak - like, say, undocumented immigrants - then feign astonishment at accusations of malice:

Why, we don't hate the stranger! Why would anyone think that? It's not like we said that children of undocumented immigrants should get sick and die. It's just an unfortunate - if entirely predictable - outcome of our policies!

I'd hope that Georgia isn't fooled, but Georgia has a bad habit of believing what it wants to believe. In Georgia, a politician can inter and torture anyone he considers an enemy and still win re-election on the strength of his good heart. So why shouldn't Sonny be able to deprive children of health care and win re-election on the strength of his big one?