Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So, how about that election?

I am nonplussed.

1. So, Cathy Cox threw her gay supporters under the bus and still got run over. No such a great speedbump, huh, Cathy? We shall see if Mark Taylor meets a similar fate in the general election. Have to say, I may not like Mark Taylor, but when the choice comes to him and Sonny, it will be hard to undervote that race. Not that I don't think Mark could make it easier for me.

2. Where's your god now, Ralph?

3. Greg Hecht slimed his way to a runoff against Jim Martin. His defenders say that such slime is necessary to beat the Republicans. I say that Republicans have cornered the market on slime and that the Democrats should try to corner the market on virtue. Vote Martin.

4. I was so looking forward to voting for Shyam Reddy again. Maybe next election.

5. Let's hope the second time is the charm for Majette.

In other news, Pedro Marin bested Torry Lewis, endorsement of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and nativists everywhere notwithstanding, Karla Drenner beat Cynthia Tucker, and Allen Thornell proceeds to a runoff against Robbin Shipp.