Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm getting tired of seeing the word "illegals" in the AJC.

It's been going on for awhile, and until recently, I dismissed it, thinking, "well, it's shorter than 'undocumented immigrants' or 'illegal immigrants,'" but these two clips changed my mind:

In the Norcross-Duluth area, Torry Lewis faces incumbent Pedro "Pete" Marin for the House District 96 seat in the Democratic primary. Marin, who is seeking his third term, has been an active legislator on issues affecting the district. But Lewis, a loss-prevention detective and graduate of Norcross High School, shows an impressive willingness to research a spectrum of issues and a desire to represent all of his diverse district. Voters should give him that chance.

So, the AJC endorsed Torry Lewis over Pedro Marin, despite the fact that Marin has been "an active legislator on issues affecting the district," because Torry Lewis "shows an impressive willingness to research a spectrum of issues." Is that all it takes for a challenger to win the endorsement of the AJC?

Well, maybe not. "Marin, foe stand apart on illegals" appeared in the paper a few days later:

Rep. Pedro Marin (D-Duluth) knew he would take some political lumps for voting against a sweeping anti-illegal immigration bill earlier this year.

The two-term incumbent just didn't expect attacks from such a young challenger.

Torriel "Torry" Lewis, 22, is trying to unseat Marin in the Democratic primary for House District 96, which runs from Norcross to Duluth. And sure enough, the 2001 graduate of Norcross High has come out swinging on immigration, a red-hot issue captivating voters across Georgia.

Lewis, a loss prevention detective at Saks Inc., said most folks he's spoken to in the district support the illegal immigration crackdown signed into law by Gov. Sonny Perdue in April. Lewis does, too. "I feel you have to be a representative of the district," said Lewis, who grew up in the Norcross area and graduated from Savannah State University in December.

Here's what I see: I see a Democrat who's running an immigrant-bashing campaign against one of Georgia's few Hispanic legislators, and a newspaper who's supporting him for it. That's vile. But these days, I suppose that's Georgia politics.