Wednesday, July 26, 2006

If you want this to happen to your daughter

Vote Republican, or anti-choice Democrat; you can be sure it will happen eventually:

A Good Samaritan Hospital emergency room doctor refused to give a rape victim a morning-after pill because he said it was against his Mennonite religion.

Rebuffed by the doctor, the woman called her gynecologist, who wrote the prescription. Her local pharmacy told her it was out of the drug and referred her to a sister store in Reading.

The former medical director of the hospital said he sees nothing strange about asking a woman from eastern Lebanon County to drive to Reading for a drug.

"People drive to Reading to buy jeans. . . ." Dr. Joe Kearns said.

Surprisingly enough, I never realized that buying jeans and bearing the child of a rapist were similar. Who knew?

Props to a Daily Kos diary.