Sunday, July 16, 2006

Best. Ads. Ever.

Maybe not ever, but they're very good, certainly the best of this election and they're both from Jim Martin:

MARTIN: I remember the back brace, the wheelchair, and the isolation of having polio. I also remember the love of my family, our church, and all the people who helped me recover. I was blessed to get my health back, but I never forgot what it feels like to need a little help.

I'm Jim Martin. As Lieutenant Governor, I'll put my Georgia health plan in place to bring down health care costs for seniors, children, and families - becuase I know the difference a little help can make.

MARTIN: I'll never forget the horror of coming face to face with violent crime. My daughter Becky was kidnapped. She was just eight. We were blessed that she got away. But I'll never forget the way she trembled when she faced her kidnapper in court.

MARTIN: That's one reason I've fought so hard for crime victims, and to lock up violent criminals. I'm Jim Martin. As your Lieutenant Governor, I'll continue that fight to keep all our citizens safe, because I will never forget.

Why are they the best? Because they tie the candidate's biography to the candidate's positions. Why does Jim Martin want to bring down health care costs? Because as a polio survivor, he understands the importance of affordable health care. What does he want to protect crime victims? Because as the father of a crime victim, he understands the importance of a victim's rights.

Any candidate can promise anything - but when a candidate makes a promise based on intimiate knowledge of the problem at hand, it engenders trust in the candidate and confidence that the candidate will address the problem, not because they want your vote, or because it's an abstract good, but because it's a very real, very pressing problem to the candidate.