Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Voter ID disenfranchises 700,000 Georgians.

I hear that the Republicans are grumbling about the accuracy of the number. Why? They didn't give a shit how many voters they disenfranchised when they passed it. 100,000 or 700,000, they're happy as long as the majority are Democratic:

More than 675,000 Georgia voters lack the photo identifications most commonly used in the state to vote, according to an analysis released Monday by Secretary of State Cathy Cox.

A database match between the state's files of registered voters and records of the state Department of Drivers Services shows 676,246 had no record of a drivers license or non-driver photo ID.

The new data came as the state Board of Elections prepares to adopt rules governing how the IDs will be issued.

Cox, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, said the information provides "powerful new evidence that supports the objections I've raised against the photo I'd requirement from the outset."