Monday, June 05, 2006

They may be slow, but at least they aren't gay.

From Blog for Democracy:

More than 75,000 Georgia students who failed the state's all-important, high-stakes tests are facing summer school and the possibility of being held back if they don't pass on the second try.

Scores released Monday by the state Department of Education show 23 percent of eighth-graders failed the math test, and 11 percent failed reading. The tests were harder on minorities, with more than one-third of black eighth-graders failing math and 16 percent failing reading.

This is the first year eighth-graders were required to pass portions of the state exams, known as the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, to earn promotion to high school. More than 28,000 failed math and 13,500 failed reading.

I am so glad that State Superintendent of Education Kathy "with a k" Cox - and our Republican state legislature - spent so much time this year on their efforts to stop evolution, gay-straight alliances, and other evil in our public schools. Sure, if they'd focused on, you know, education, then perhaps fewer children would be in summer school. But how many would be homosexual Darwinists? Would we really wish such a fate on Georgia's children? Better they be slow, straight, and super-creationist.