Monday, June 05, 2006

So much for black v. brown.

I've read elsewhere - don't recall where, sorry - some fretting over hostility toward illegal immigrants among blacks. Well, like the fretting over hostility toward gays among blacks - no more hostile, and often far less hostile, toward gays than whites - it seems to be a lot of fretting over nothing. Or so this poll of Alabamians suggests:

Illegal immigration has become a nationwide political issue, with legislators in Montgomery and Washington debating what services immigrants should be able to receive and whether those in the country illegally should be made to leave.

In last week's surveys, both groups of voters were asked, "If you had to make a choice, would you favor deporting all illegal immigrants, or would you favor allowing them to obtain work permits and stay in America as long as they pass a security check?"

The response in favor of work permits (51 percent from Democratic voters, 50 percent from Republicans) and deportation (34 percent, Democrats; 36 percent, Republicans) showed "remarkable agreement" on the immigration issue, pollster Larry Powell said.

Overall, in both surveyed groups, white voters (42 percent) tended to favor deportation more than black voters (20 percent).

So there you are. Black voters are no more hostile, and often far less hostile, toward immigrants than white voters