Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Oh, no, real estate agents in peril!

Not quite as dramatic as children without health care, but still:

Two months ago, all Alina Arguello had to do to find Latino home buyers was put up a sign and answer her phone.

But ever since Georgia passed one of the most stringent and far-reaching immigration laws in the nation, the number of Latino buyers who call the Re/Max agent's home office in suburban Atlanta has dwindled from about 10 to two a day.

"We're seeing a drastic drop," she said. "There's just a tremendous amount of people who want homes, but are not calling." Many real estate agents and mortgage providers who cater to Spanish-speaking immigrants across Georgia say that the flourishing Latino home buying market has faltered since April, when Gov. Sonny Perdue signed the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act.

Almost immediately, Latino home buyers pulled out of contracts. Some who had already bought, put their homes on the market. And many prospective buyers stopped searching for homes.

From Steve Gilliard.

The article says that this is due to the fact that the buyers are undocumented immigrants, but I have to wonder whether it isn't because the buyers, documented or not, aren't sure whether they want to live in a state that likes to beat up on latinos as much as it likes to beat up on gays.