Monday, May 29, 2006

The Party of No Vision

I know shit about biofuels, but I have to praise Cathy Cox for her biofuels talk:

Secretary of State Cathy Cox said Saturday she wants farm-grown fuel to make up 25 percent of all the fuel used in Georgia by 2025.

The gubernatorial candidate used the start of the Memorial Day weekend - one of the year's busiest travel holidays - to unveil a biofuel initiative.

Cox said that using agricultural fuel products would reduce dependence on foreign sources of oil while at the same time creating new jobs.

"Our agricultural industry and our state are perfectly matched to make Georgia the farm-grow fuels capital of the world," Cox said.

But first, Cox said, investment is needed in infrastructure and research. Cox's proposal would funnel $10 million in state funds to researchers in Georgia pursuing alternative fuel development. She said she would also use agricultural processing enterprise zones to create tax incentives and economic development funding for private industry.

In order to meet the 25 percent target by 2025, Cox said she would appoint a commission within her first month after taking over as governor to create a statewide renewable energy strategy.

A renewable energy strategy? In Georgia? Given that our current energy strategy begins and ends with a gas tax cut, that's a nice phrase to hear.

It also offers a nice contrast to the Republican Party, or as I've come to think of them, the Party of No Vision. Well, no vision beyond banning same-sex marriage as frequently and as incomptently as possible, and while I'm sure their determination, if not their effectiveness, endears them to the hate vote, even they, and certainly the rest of Georgia, must be hungry for more. Which is what Cox - and Taylor, for that matter - seem happy to offer.

Once they're done helping the Republicans ban same-sex marriage, of course. Priorities, people!