Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No, you can't have a pony.

Professional whiners in the Republican Party are unhappy that a judge called them on their utter ineptitude and ultimate failure to draft a legal ban on same-sex unions in Georgia. Says the judge:

"People who believe marriages between men and women should have a unique and privileged place in our society may also believe that same-sex relationships should have some place - although not marriage," Russell wrote. "The single-subject rule protects the right of those people to hold both views and reflect both judgments by their vote."

Such measured tones are clearly the mark of a judicial activist, says Sonny:

I am very disappointed by this decision to countermand the people of Georgia's voice in defining marriage in our state as a union between a man and a woman. This decision highlights the effect activist judges can have on our system of governance. The people of Georgia knew exactly what they were doing when an overwhelming 76% voted in support of this constitutional amendment. It is sad that a single judge has chosen to reverse their decision. I am carefully assessing the options to ensure that the will of the people will not be thwarted.

Here's an option, Sonny: learn how to write an amendment that meets constitutional muster.