Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"Education is her top priority."

I bet calling a special session to ban same-sex unions more is still up there, tho:

It's better than the last one, possibly becuase it employs the all-important baby factor:

VOICEOVER: She believes smaller classes, quality teachers, and access to college are so important, education her top priority. Cathy Cox: strengthened school funding, protected the HOPE scholarship as a legislator.

TESTIMONIAL: Because she knows education means opportunity.

COX: It's a governor's job to make sure every child leaves high school ready for college or tech school. By demanding better performance from our schools, protecting hope scholarships, we'll give our children an education they deserve.

VOICEOVER: Cathy Cox. Governor.

I love the "Cathy Cox, Governor" sign off. It's as if she were the one running for re-election, rather than Perdue. I wouldn't be surprised if that worked; whatever Perdue is, it isn't memorable. His accomplishments range from the trivial to the obscene. It's evident from the Georgia Republican Party's ad campaign: a biographical ad that starts at birth to pad the spot, followed by a series of ads cut like music videos, even as they tout the most pathetic of accomplishments. Perdue is without vision, and his tenure as governor has been lackluster, to say the least.