Tuesday, July 12, 2005

If by "a thank you note" you mean "a $61,730 check."

That Eric Johnson, he's so ethical:

On April 4, Eric Johnson invited supporters to co-host a campaign fund-raiser with a "tort reform thank you theme."
. . . . Soon after Johnson's e-mail solicitation, contributions from health care-related sources started arriving. He received $7,000 by the day before the April 20 event, according to a report filed Tuesday with the Secretary of State's office.
The day of the event, Johnson received 39 checks from doctors, medical practice groups, hospital executives and lawyers, insurers and others associated with the industry. The total: $34,330.
Later that week, an additional $6,150 arrived, and over the next eight weeks, $14,250 more trickled in.
By the time the last check from the health sector was written on June 16, Johnson's campaign committee had raked in $61,730, the report found.
"It doesn't pass the smell test and it's probably illegal and certainly hypocritical considering Johnson's harping about ethics over the years," said Georgia Democratic Party Chairman Bobby Kahn.
"His coin-operated mantra is: Will pass special-interest legislation for big cash; regular Georgians need not apply."