Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Perdue: I hate this evil for which I am directly responsible.

In 2004, Sonny Perdue and the Georgia Republican Party ran a transparently partisan campaign to oust "liberal" judges and capture the judicial branch for the Republican Party. Given that, you would think he would approve of partisan judicial races. But no!

Gov. Sonny Perdue said Monday that he could see himself supporting a constitutional amendment to turn future Georgia judicial elections into partisan contests because of the increasingly political nature of such races.
"I don't support that at this time," Mr. Perdue, a Republican, said in an interview with Morris News Service. . . .
"But if we are not able to take partisanship out of races . . . I think we should open it up."
Mr. Perdue said for now he is holding off on throwing his weight behind that resolution.
He said he hopes the 2004 battle between Justice Sears and Mr. Brantley will promote less-partisan races in the future.
"If the judiciary wants to keep their races as non-partisan, I think their candidates ought to act in a nonpartisan fashion," Mr. Perdue said.

For their next act, the Georgia Republicans plan to punch you in the face, then lecture you on the importance of pacifism.