Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Innovative ways to disenfranchise nonwhite voters.

From Election Law, more evidence that photo id requirements (such as those Republicans passed in Georgia) disproportionately disenfranchise nonwhite voters:

[Wisconsin Governor Jim] Doyle's spokeswoman, Melanie Fonder, said Monday that the study was evidence the proposal unfairly targets bastions of Democratic voters. Among black males between ages 18 and 24, 78% lacked a driver's license, the largest percentage of any demographic in the study. Other groups in which a majority lacked a driver's license were black males of any age (55% lack a license); Hispanic women of any age (59%); and black women, Hispanic men and Hispanic women between ages 18 and 24 (all between 57% and 66%).
"Those groups typically have strong Democratic turnout," Fonder said, "and that's who the Republicans have targeted with that proposal."
By contrast, only 17% of white men and white women of voting age in Wisconsin lack a driver's license.
The study, which derived its population figures from the 2000 U.S. Census, also found that 177,399 Wisconsin residents 65 and older have neither a driver's license nor a state-issued photo ID, compared with 98,247 people between ages 35 and 64 who lack both cards.

I'm looking for a reason other than decorum not to call the Republican Party the White Racist Party, but as yet, I haven't found one.