Wednesday, March 16, 2005

In the blogosphere.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution provides a timeline of the Fulton County Courthouse shootings and their aftermath. The summary: Brian Nichols overpowered Deputy Cynthia Hall; shot Fulton County Superior Court Judge Rowland Barnes, court reporter Julie Ann Brandau, and Deputy Hoyt Teasley; and murdered U. S. Immigration and Customs Agent David Wilhelm before he surrendered to police.

Good Intentions offers an initial take on the fatal shootings, and she reports that the courthouse has begun to improve security.

America Blog points to Michelle Malkin, who wants the head of Cynthia Hall, because being a woman, she's unfit to be a cop. La Shawn Barber goes further, and defames Rowland Barnes:

On the Thursday, slain judge Rowland W. Barnes told attorneys that Brian Nichols could be dangerous if convicted. Don't laugh.
Nichols was dangerous before he set foot in the courtroom (tied up an ex-girlfriend and apparently raped and sodomized her for three days) and after he set foot in the courtroom (a deputy found two weapons on him Wednesday).
Too little, too late.
Barnes is the same judge who offered a baby-killing mother 5 years probation if she consented to sterilization. Exactly how this prevents her from killing other people's children is a mystery.

Meanwhile, the editors at The Madison Courier lay the blame on the Constitution, because "Brian Nichols' constitutional rights were the first thing in the judge's mind as Nichols' second trial on rape charges was set to begin." I'll let others judge whether these are the product of grief or a yet another fascist attack on a democratic society.