Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I love the smell of boiling animal fat in the morning.

And if I don't, too fucking bad, says Casey Cagle!

Last Thursday, the Georgia Senate passed a bill sponsored by Casey Cagle that would strip Georgians of their right to sue their friendly neighborhood rendering plant for rendering the friendly neighborhood a stank wasteland.

I'd love to find a Democratic angle for this story, but apparently, fifty Senators* voted, as Casey Cagle said, "to make a stand, like you have for many, many years, for the agribusiness of this state." Yes, they stood for stink.

Absent the Democratic angle, why do I care? Well, apart from my general opposition to putrescence, I care because Casey Cagle is not simply Casey Cagle, State Senator for Stink, but also Casey Cagle, Republican for Lieutentant Governor.

Now, as far as putrescence goes, Casey Cagle may be no worse than his immediate opponents, Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine or Christian Coalitioner Ralph Reed, but still. He stood for stink. Do Georgians want to make him their Lieutenant Governor?

On behalf of noses everywhere, I hope not.

* My Senator, Vincent Fort, voted against the bill, and fourteen others voted for an amendment "that would have essentially gutted the bill," according to the Macon Telegraph. So while many did stand for stink, some are less pro-stink than others.