Tuesday, February 01, 2005

At some point, the appropriate response is "Fuck you."

At Pandagon - New Hampshire Republicans Elbert Bicknell and Robert Boyce have introduced a bill to repeal their state's hate crimes law, with the typical excuse:

"If I'm going to harm you, it's not because I love you," Bicknell says.

Bicknell is not that stupid. Few are. And I am tired of pretending otherwise.

When Republicans say, "every crime is a hate crime," they're lying, and they know it. They know that a hate crime is a crime motivated by bias or prejudice, and they know that not every crime is motivated by bias or prejudice; so they know that every crime is not a hate crime. But they say it anyway. Because they're liars.

Yet Democrats, being the generous souls that they are, refuse to recognize them for what they are, or at least refuse to call them what they are. Instead, they play their expected part: the pedagogue. They take time to define the term, and in doing so, they lose time they might use to argue their position. Which is exactly what the Republicans want.

I refuse to give it to them. My generosity has run out. If Republicans choose to lie, Democrats should respond with the deserved contempt. They're lying, and they're lying to protect the perpetrators of hate crimes. Call them out, mock them, or demonize them; they deserve it.