Tuesday, November 02, 2004

John Kerry, Denise Majette, John Lewis.

I voted for them, and for every other candidate with a "D" beside their name, for Howard Mead, against Amendment One, and for Amendment Two.

Set the alarm early this morning so I could vote, got there a half hour after the polls opened - waited another hour and a half before I finally cast my ballot. It's the longest I've waited to vote, much longer than in 2000.

My precinct is very Democratic: supported Cleland by 16%, Barnes by 20% in 2002. But apparently others report to the same polling location, from the conversations I heard. The line was young and upscale: singles and young couples dressed business casual; students, stay a home moms dressed casual. Mostly white, some black.

One couple was trading a copy of the 9-11 Commission Report and a word search between the two of them; at one point, he called his mother, saying, "Where are you? . . . You need to be at the polls. You need to be at the polls." She interrupts: "I know you didn't just tell your momma where she needs to be."

Another said "Hi" to all of his neighbors - Loring Heights resident, apprently. His is a more Republican precinct; voted Chambliss by 30%, Perdue by 3% in 2002. Overheard him talking with his neighbors about the Halloween Party, and how they need to have a playground, and who was selling their homes.

Overall, very normal. Poll workers were friendly and efficient (and all black, unlike the line), the line moved steadily, and none that I saw experienced any problem with the machines.

It was a good day. The first of many, I hope.