Thursday, October 21, 2004

It's like he doesn't care.

From Oliver Willis:

Why is President Bush dissing Black Entertainment Television?
"You'd have to ask him," BET founder and CEO Bob Johnson told me yesterday. "I'm disappointed, obviously. We invited both of them to speak with us before the election. John Kerry was quick to say, 'Absolutely, yes.' The White House thus far has said, 'No, we won't talk to you.'"
Billionaire Johnson was reacting to Bush's decision not to submit to a grilling by anchor Ed Gordon on the cable network. Kerry sat for an interview that was broadcast Oct. 7.
"The Republicans are saying they're trying to reach out to African-American voters around the country. So why wouldn't he take advantage of that?" Johnson went on, noting that BET is watched in an estimated 10 million black households.

Why not, indeed? Why, it's like he's only interested in black voters when white voters are watching!