Thursday, October 21, 2004

"I see so many parallels today."

From Talk Left, one a volunteer for Kerry in Florida:

Rosalie Weiss, 79, has five grandchildren, "all of whom are the age to be conscripted," she says. Bush's assertions that he will not reinstate the draft and a decisive House vote against such a bill "do not reassure me at all," she says. Her late husband, an engineer, was an executive for the company that did all the heating and air-conditioning work for the World Trade Center. He regarded the towers as his "crowning achievement," she says, and feels grateful that he wasn't alive to see them fall.
"I was 12 years old when Hitler marched into Vienna," she says, as she steers her car carefully toward a large retirement complex where she will canvass. "I remember cowering in a corner, when they marched in and just ravaged my parents' home. I see so many parallels today -- the sneak-and-peek aspect of the Patriot Act, the disdain for the intellectual and the academic that this administration has."

Who will tell her that it's inappropriate to compare Bush to Hitler?