Sunday, September 05, 2004

Never again.

In the past, I've voted for Republicans. Once, I did it simply to make mischief: I voted for McCain in the South Carolina Republican Primary. More often, I did it to prevent the election of the greater of two evils, as when I voted for Jim DeMint over Mike Fair. But sometimes, I did it because I thought the Republican was the better candidate.

Well, never again.

Mom and Dad have been saying this for months. They're hardly conservative themselves, but they've been voting for decades, and they've voted for plenty of Republicans. But no more.

I've been hesitant to agree. I'm young. In time, the Republican Party could change for the better. (It couldn't be much worse.) So why agree now?

Because the Republican Party has become an abomination. It is fundamentally morally and ethically bankrupt, it is astonishingly contemptuous of democracy, and it is thoroughly corrupt. This isn't limited to Bush and his cronies, or to its more conservative members. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing," and far too many good Republicans have done absolutely nothing to stop Bush. This evil has come to pass as much by their inaction as by Bush's action.

The Republican Party deserves to die. Starve it of votes, and it will.